Gary Robbins

Co-Founder CMTR Events

Born and raised in Newfoundland, I moved west at 19 years of age in search of real mountains and a ski bum lifestyle. With $500 to my name and a sense of adventure I somehow made it work and never looked back. Now closing in on two decades here in BC and 10 years as a race director in the Lower Mainland, I am thankful each and every day to be a part of this incredible community of people that gather around trail running events globally.

Geoff Langford

Co-Founder CMTR Events

I’ve been a runner since the 80’s, started adventure racing in 1999, then in 2002 somehow found myself on the other side of the start line as the owner and Race Director of Frontier Adventure Sports & Training (FAST). It’s been an amazing journey from sitting in a coffee shop in North Van with Gary ten years ago, dreaming up the Squamish 50, and nurturing it into the Coast Mountain Trail Running community we’ve managed to build – our crew, the amazing volunteers, and all of you runners that continue to show up at our start lines for some crazy reason. 

Sonia Mahoney

Course Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

In-between her relentless global travels, mostly to run or support someone at an ultra, Sonia finds time to oversee just about everything on the operations side of things these days. She’s also an expert at keeping the whole team fed with incredible baking, while bringing a sense of calm and good cheer to whatever event she’s at!

Elaine Fung

Racer Relations, Communications & Social Media

Elaine has been an integral part of the Squamish 50 for many, many years now, and she’s no stranger to the race having ran the 50k several times as well as being a regular volunteer. She loves the running community and we love having her as part of this team.

David Papineau

Graphic & Web Design

Paps has been with us from the beginning, answering the call when we first asked if he would be interested in putting together a logo for a rebranded revival of the old Stormy race. Paps is more of a road runner these days, but he’s a multiple-time finisher of the Squamish 50, a 3-time winner of the Club Fat Ass New Year’s Day 50k and is the proud owner of a couple of Western States buckles.

Arnault Vernhet

HQ & Logistics

Arnault is from France and comes to us after four years of organizing adventure races in Vietnam. He found his own love of trail running and ultra races after moving to Squamish, which stoked his already strong passion for the outdoors. He has been a great addition to the team, helping take our logistics, course management and overall energy to new heights.

Taylor Smith

HQ & Logistics

As one half of our HQ / Logistics team, Taylor is the poster boy for cool, calm and organized as he juggles all the logistics of this crazy weekend and help keep the whole thing on the rails, down to the right number of pickles at each aid station.

John Crosby


John has been involved with over 300 adventure racing events, first finding one in 2002.  He now finds his time on the mic as the emcee for many races in BC and is proud to be a part of Squamish 50 since it’s very first start line in 2012.  He looks forward to spending time each year with this great team, volunteers, and racers.

Wing Taylor

Aid Station Manager & Tech Overseer

Wing is a reformed city slicker who now enjoys running trails and bagging peaks on Vancouver’s North Shore. Between a full time “day job”, parenting, volunteering, and training for ultras, Wing knew he had to make some sacrifices, so he no longer cleans his house.

Scott Robarts


I have been the race / finish line photographer for CMTR since 2015, and have photographed cycling and running events professionally since 2010. I love being outdoors and mostly find myself hiking and mountain biking, though I also love running. The CMTR trail running community is great, one of the best of all the sports I photograph. I love capturing the human element in my photographs — the finish line fist pumps as well as the tears. And I also love capturing these moments for all of the racers, whether you are the first or the last finisher. Everyone has a story and I love capturing that.

Ty Holtan


Ty is a Squamish-based athletic, lifestyle and fine art photographer. You’ll probably see him pop up multiple times along the course – how did he get to these locations? Run? Car? Bike? We will never know. Just try your best to smile for the camera, even if you’re deep in your pain cave.

Tom Mulleder

Start/Finish Coordinator & Logistics Support

North Vancouver born & raised, father of 2 amazing daughters, husband to Barbara. Tom discovered his love for mountains in 2013 with a casual mention from a friend at an Xmas party about running the DV50k, where he signed up on the spot. Tom ran his 1st CMTR event in 2015 at RRR, and from there he has become a fixture at the CMTR weekends where he oversees start/finish line, and aid station support, along with whatever else we throw his way.