Welcome to the Squamish 50

Aug 17-18, 2024 – Squamish, BC

The Squamish 50 races are TOUGH, truly unforgettable trail running experiences. With our marquee 50 mile race boasting over 85% singletrack and more than 11,000 feet of climbing and descent, topped off by stunning sweeping vistas across glaciated snow capped peaks that jut straight out of the Pacific Ocean, these courses are sure to take your breath away.

We’ve constructed a variety of events by runners, for runners, that highlight the absolute best running terrain in Western Canada. Trail Runner Magazine listed Squamish as a Top Trail Town, and locals have long known what makes Squamish such a highly sought-after adventure destination. Our greatest challenge has not been piecing together a stellar 50 mile course, it has been trimming this race down to just 50 miles. Our options were endless and as such we’ve been able to create a truly unforgettable trail ultra experience at all our distances.

Squamish50 Course Updates for 2024

Hello runners, volunteers and fans of the SQ50 races. After an incredible 11 editions of the SQ50 races, with 10 of those years happening on the current course, we are long overdue for some minor course changes. Long story short, a lot has changed in the last decade in Squamish, and a lot more will change in the next 10 years as well. We are privy to a lot of future construction projects that will eventually necessitate a handful of changes throughout the current route, with the first of those projects beginning here in short order into 2024. Our goal is always to create a route that we can replicate year over year, so that runners from around the world can challenge themselves not only against the other competitors on that weekend, but to also see how they stack up against the historical runners who’ve come before them. It was perfect timing then in 2023 to see both our 50 mile and 50km male records get smashed, as it sends those routes out with a bang. 

The new changes are complete and all maps and GPS links are updated to show the new course twists and turns. *please note if you joined us on one of the first two orientation runs this year, we’ve made some micro changes from those routes as well. The 3rd and final orientation run will be along the now confirmed race route. 

Our attempt on this end is always to keep our races as equitable as possible, and as doable as possible to all who train and show up to run them. We made no attempt to increase the difficulty or distance of any of the race routes, and we’ve made every attempt to present courses that rival the current routes entirely. It is our belief and hope then, that historical runners will on average see their finish times staying very consistent throughout these updated routes. With 2024 being the Canadian Championships (50k and 50m) and team qualifier races for the World Championships, we’re certain to see exactly how fast these new routes can be covered by some of the best athletes in the country, and indeed the world. 

Gary, Geoff and the entire SQ50 team