Can I defer my race entry to next year or get a refund?
No, you cannot defer your entry. You can however receive a 50% refund of your entry fees, via the SQ50, if you contact us to officially drop out before May 1 at midnight Pacific time. After May 1, there will be no refunds.
Full Refund Insurance Was Offered As An Add-On During Registration.
The links below provide all the details and process for making a claim via RegShield:
File a Claim
Policy Terms
FanShield FAQs
Why No Refunds After May 1st?
The SQ50 is a big ticket event that takes a big ticket budget to produce. As of May 1st our race budget has to be 100% accurate to allow for all items involved to be booked and produced in time for race day.
What If I Get Pregnant?
CONGRATULATIONS! That’s exciting! We offer a full refund of race entry upon doctor’s certification of pregnancy.
What If I Break My Leg / Become Seriously Ill / Have A Death In The Family
No exceptions can be made to our refund policy. Up until May 1st you can receive a 50% refund. During the registration process you were asked if you wanted to purchase personal cancellation insurance. If you chose to do so you can open a refund claim through that policy. If you did not purchase the additional refund insurance, you are, unfortunately, out of luck.
But The Refund Policy Is Hidden And Not Communicated Fairly
Incorrect. Throughout the registration process you are confronted with our full refund policy three times. Upon registering for the race you are presented with a confirmation email that once again states the refund policy, and you are also give a 24 hour full refund window if at this point you do not agree with the terms. This information is also hosted on the SQ50 registration page, and right here in the FAQ section. We are not responsible for someone not reading what they are signing up for.

Check our Registration page for answers to all race entry-related questions

How do I let you know I’d like to drop out or drop down in distance?
Send us a note via our Contact Us form, and within 72 hours you’ll receive a confirmation email.
What’s the nearest airport I would fly into for the race?
Vancouver International is the closest airport. Drive times from the airport to Squamish can be anywhere from 1h15m to 2hr depending on traffic.
Can a friend pick up my bib for me?
No. Bibs can only be claimed by the runner and ID MUST BE PROVIDED. No ID, no bib.
Do I need ID to pick up my bib?
Yes. No ID, no bib.
Where do I pick up my bib?
Please reference Package Pick-up on the Race Weekend page on
Where and what time is registration on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?
Please reference Package Pick-up on the Race Weekend page on
How do I get to the start? Are there shuttles?
Please see your individual race page at
What time does my race start?
Please see your individual race page at
Where can I park?

Our start lines and parking strategy has changed significantly since 2019. Parking is not available at any of our Start Lines. If you are running the 23km, 50km or 50mile races, you need to either arrange to be dropped off at your Start Line, or purchase a bus ticket.

Parking for all distances will be at Brennan Park, with bus transport to your start line, and shuttles running from the Finish Line back to your car. Please reference your race page at for more details.

How do I get back to my car? Are there shuttles?
We do provide a free shuttle at the Finish Line, post-race. This free shuttle ONLY goes to Brennan Park, where cars were parked to catch the morning buses.
What time do the buses depart and from where?
Everyone running any distance, Saturday or Sunday, will need to either hop on a bus, or have someone drop them off at their Start Line. Parking at the Start Lines is strictly forbidden. Please see your individual race page for further details.
How many drop bags can I have?
Please reference your specific race distance page at
Where do I put my drop bags?
You will drop off your drop bags at your Start Line, before your race begins. The destination of the drop bags will be clearly labelled in the morning. It is your responsibility and yours alone to ensure that your drop bag goes in the correct pile. We will not be checking drop bags to confirm you’ve gotten the destination right. There are separate and clearly labelled areas for you to place your drop bags, please pay attention.
Where and when can I pick up my drop bags post-race?
Drop bags will be transported to the Finish Line, as aid stations close down. Please note that this means drop bags at later aid stations may not arrive back to the finish line until the last runner is on the home stretch. If you cannot pick up your 50m drop bag on Saturday night you can swing by on Sunday during race hours. If you cannot pickup your drop bag on Sunday, you can also grab it from the Executive Suites Clubhouse until 5pm Monday. Bags will be on a tarp out front. All unclaimed drop bags will be donated. We will not ship out individual drop bags that go unclaimed. You may have a friend pick up your drop bag in your absence.
How should I label my drop bags?
Colour-coded bag tags will be provided with your bib in your race package, with your name, bib number and drop bag location clearly printed.
Where can I be crewed?
Please see your individual race page at
How far from an aid station can I get help from my crew?
Runners can only receive assistance within 100m of the specifically designated crew areas. Please reference your individual race page for further details at
How can I be crewed?

Crews cannot touch anything at an Aid Station.

Crews can only provide items to their runner that they (the crew) themselves have brought with them.

Please see your individual race page at for Aid Stations crews are not allowed to access.

Where can I find driving directions to the Aid Stations?
Please see your individual race page at
Where are the Aid Stations? How far apart?
Please see your individual race page at
What food/drinks are at the Aid Stations?
Please see your individual race page at
Where do I drop my headlamp (50 mile only) and where and when can I pick it up?
Please see your individual race page at
What are the cut off times and where?
Please see your individual race page at
Are there maps?
Please see your individual race page at
Is there chip timing?
YES, there is chip timing provided by using Chronotrack bib tags.
Where and when can I find results posted?
Results will be live all weekend on both and on
How can people follow along on race day online?
Our site,, will feature a link to live race weekend coverage including results, twitter feeds, and more.
Can I run with my dog?
Dogs are not allowed on course under any circumstances.
Are pacers allowed?
Pacers are not allowed under any circumstances.
Can I run with music/headphones?
We only allow music at a low volume, preferably one ear bud. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Dangers include wildlife encounters and high speed multi-use traffic such as mountain bikers.
Are there washrooms on course?

Washrooms will be available at each Start Line and at the Finish Line.

There will be either a portable toilet or a pit toilet available at all Aid Stations.

Can I use poles?
Poles are not allowed in any of the races.
Can I buy post-race food for my friends and family?
We are not permitted to sell food at our finish line. Finish line food is for runners only. There are food vendors and restaurants on the same block and all the way up Cleveland Ave. Food options are plentiful for those not running.
Is there a kids’ race? Where and when?
Please see the Kids Run page under the “Events” tab.
What is the age group for the kids race?
Please see the Kids Run page under the “Events” tab.

What are the distances for the kids race?
Please see the Kids Run page under the “Events” tab.
Is there beer at the finish?
Backcountry Brewing will once again be served at our finish line beer gardens.
Is there first aid on course? Where?
Canadian Outdoor Medical will have a full event medical team working race weekend. While on course first aid will be available at many aid stations, via our professional medical crew and medically trained race volunteers. If you need medical assistance during the race please ask the nearest volunteer and the will direct you accordingly. If you are unable to proceed under your own power please ask the first runner you see for assistance.
What happens if I miss the cutoff time?
Time cutoffs are strictly enforced. If you miss a time cutoff we’ll provide you a ride back to our finish line.
What happens if I get lost?
It is highly unlikely that you will get lost because we flag our courses to a very high standard. If you think you may have gone off course, please stop immediately, turn around, and return to the last place that you saw flagging. We promise that once you return to the last area you saw flagging that things will make sense again.
Can I drop down to a shorter distance?
The cutoff for dropping down in distance is July 31st.
I have some friends and family coming, is there anything fun they can do while I’m running?
SO MANY FUN THINGS TO DO in and around Squamish! Tourism Squamish is a great website to help you plan your vacation.
Alice Lake campground is fully booked, where else can I camp?
Please reference the Accommodations page under Race Weekend on
Will the Squamish50 be a Western States qualifier?
Unfortunately not. Western States has updated their qualification standards to only include races of at least 100km in length.
Do you still need volunteers?
Always! Please register via the Volunteer page.