In the event of cancellation or modification of the event for reasons beyond the organizer’s control, including weather, acts of nature, war, strikes or other unforeseeable circumstances, we offer the following compensation:

  • early access to registration for the following year only.
  • a 25% discount on registration for any distance the following year only.
  • a refund amounting to a share of all non-committed event expenses, proportional to your original event entry. This of course is based on timing – for example, if shirts have been ordered and purchased, we can’t recover that expense; however, most BBQ expenses can be avoided up until a week or so before the event.
  • the option for a full refund on any event merchandise that has been purchased
  • the option to receive the event shirt, purchased event merchandise or any other produced event items, for the cost of shipping.

We appreciate your understanding in this unlikely scenario. We’ve given this a lot of thought and have endeavoured to find a way to make such a situation as fair for everyone as possible.