Aug 19 & 20, 2017

Can you handle 130km of burly Squamish goodness in just over twenty-four hours?

The concept here is simple – race the 50 miler and 50 kilometre events on back-to-back days.

Cumulative times will prevail in the pursuit of the coveted custom-made 50/50 awards.

All who cross both finish lines on consecutive days will be presented with a limited edition SQ5050_logo_2014Squamish 50/50 trucker hat – for finishers only. These won’t just be stylish, they’ll be the hardest earned hats around.

For those of you tackling the 50/50 for multiple years, you’ll earn a specific colour to designate the number of times you’ve completed. We’re all about the badges of honour!

Your first completion – blue. Your second – green. Your third – yellow. Only one person currently has a yellow hat. What colour will we come up with for his fourth attempt?!