Race Details

Sunday, August 21, 2022 @ 8:00 am
Quest UniversityMap to the Start Line
Finish: Junction Park, Cleveland Ave, Squamish – Map to the Finish Line
Ascent: 1000 m / 3300 ft
Descent: 1200 m / 3900 ft

This SHOULD NOT be your first trail race. It is a very difficult 23 km course.

Registered Runners

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Rules & Regulations

Photo by Brian McCurdy


Bus transport will be available to the start line for $5 per person. Buses depart at 6:50, 7:05 and 7:20am. Shuttle pickup location is behind Brennan Park, and approximate bus transport time is 12 minutes. We offer free shuttles from the finish line back to your vehicle post-race.

Bus tickets are available to purchase during registration, in the Merchandise Store, and will be available at racer check-in.

Aid Stations

Km 4.5 & 12 – as shown on map below

Our aid stations will have a selection of standard ultra running foods:

  • Hammer gel and Heed electrolyte drink mix
  • fruit such as oranges, bananas, watermelon
  • chips, both potato and gluten free
  • snacks such as salted pretzels, gummies, cookies, salted potatoes, etc.
  • water and Coke
  • gluten free options

Crewing for Runners:

*Access is strictly forbidden to AS #1 on Garibaldi Road. Anyone attempting to access this aid station will see their runner disqualified.

At AS #2, Far Side runners are allowed to see their crews. Crew members must park where AS captains dictate. Please be prepared to walk for many minutes between the parking area and the aid station itself. Runners may only be crewed for within aid station parameters. Any runners being crewed for more than 100 meters from an aid station run the risk of being disqualified.

Start Line at Quest to Aid Station #2 at Far Side
Aid Station #2 at Far Side to Finish Line in downtown Squamish

Spectator Access Points:

AS 2: Far Side

Crew and spectators are allowed at AS 2, Far Side. Please be forewarned that you will have to park and walk to the aid station, and as such you may not make it back to the finish line in time to see your runner.

Finish Line Bag

One bag may be left at the Start Line at Quest to be transported to the Finish Line in downtown Squamish.

Course Map

Course Details

Squamish 23K 2019

Starting off on the stunning plateau at Quest University we proceed up Mamquam – Garibaldi Park Road for half a kilometer until we can access The Climb Trail. This climbs via singletrack to intersect with Ring Creek Road, which is a dirt surface with little to no vehicular traffic.

While ascending The Climb Trail you are presented with numerous vantage points back down valley and across the mountain peaks on the far side. It’s dreamy. You’ll love it. Oh and there’s a tranquil waterfall you run right past as well. If you’re packing a camera you’ll be stopping to snap some pics.

Proceeding through the forest down Ring Creek Road for about one kilometer you’ll then cross Garibaldi and access the aid station at km 4.5.

Once across you go straight back onto singletrack via Fool’s Gold. This is a flowy descent that will bring you to the Darwin’s Bridge crossing as shown in the picture below.

A short but steep climb awaits on the opposite side of Darwin’s.

A few hundred meters up the climb you will take your first right onto STP. This singletrack trail is fairly new to Squamish and hugs the backside of a ridge as it descends into the valley below. Once you come into a clearing look up and to your right at the downhill mountain biking stunts some ten feet of the ground. Be thankful we’re not running you over them! STP will lead you onto Bonsai  and as you start in on some more climbing you’ll be rewarded with a valley view back over The Mamquam Mountain Range.

From Bonsai we’ll cut left onto Somewhere Over There. This is the most technical trail of our race. It’s typical Squamish and we love it! When you exit Somewhere Over There you will turn left onto Powerline Road. Don’t worry it’s not really a road. It’s a gravel surface and you’ll catch glimpses of The Tantalus Range on the opposite side of the valley.

About half a kilometer down and you’ll cross a large bridge. If you’re not racing it’s worth taking a second to overlook both sides as the rocks and rapids below are worth the stop. Just around the corner from here you arrive at your second full aid station at km 12. After departing the aid station you will be directed back into the trails at Farside and Fartherside which are undulating forested routes. Connect to S&M Connector and enjoy a predominantly downhill grade.

A brief open clearing leads you back onto singletrack at Endo. The route will then cut right and up Seven Stitches which will take us to Pipe Trail and eventually Mountain Of Phlegm. The good news is that you stay on singletrack instead of seeing pavement. The good news is that Mountain Of Phlegm presents 180 degree views straight up and down the Howe Sound Corridor with Garibaldi (the mountain in our logo) staring straight down at you. The good news is that it’s a big improvement of the course. You’re waiting for the bad news right? There is NO BAD NEWS. Unless you want an easier course, then you’ll hate us cause we’ve just thrown in a bunch of climbing near the end when you’re legs will be screaming at you. YOU ARE WELCOME!

Dropping down off of Mountain Of Phlegm you pop out into The Smoke Bluffs, coming out into the Smoke Bluffs parking lot and then cutting left down Logger’s Lane, through Rose Park, along the water, under the highway and straight on down to the finish line where the beer gardens await!